Food Distribution

Mercy Ministries has been blessed to partner with St. Mary’s Food Alliance by offering a weekly one-day distribution to those who are in need. Each Tuesday we distribute up to 40,000 lbs. of food to an average of 300-600 family units weekly. Our desire is to build meaningful relationships and assist with an immediate physical need for many within our community. Each week we host a devotional and prayer time in the church lobby beginning at 8am. Food distribution runs from 9am-Noon. Individuals and families are encouraged to bring their own bags, crates, or coolers as available boxes at the food distribution are limited

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Days served weekly

Pounds of food served weekly

Families served weekly

Hope for Addiction

Hope for Addiction seeks to connect the desire to change with the Power to change. This group is for those seeking to live a sober life and a life of stability from any addiction through the Gospel. Hope for Addiction meets in various churches throughout the metro Phoenix area. We are pleased to offer this group in the downtown Phoenix area each Wednesday night at 7 p.m. at Mercy Hill Church. We believe hope is found in Jesus. If you are hurting and looking for a group that cares, we are here for you.

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Juntos supports the vision of Mercy Hill Church in being one diverse united body of Christ. We provide English and Spanish language learning where members of our church and neighborhood come together to develop practical language speaking skills that enable us to see, hear, and embrace the extraordinary goodness of Jesus together.

Neighbor’s Table

Mercy Ministries has been blessed to partner with Neighborhood Ministries, Arizona State University (ASU), and the SURGE Network to offer The Neighbor’s Table: Experiencing God’s Heart for the Immigrant. Neighbor’s Table is a unique experience for church members who are ready to experience God’s heart for the immigrant. Through sharing a meal and stories with an immigrant family, participants have the opportunity to consider welcoming (Matt 25:35) and loving (Lev. 19:34) those who are sojourning in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our purpose is to: – Help individuals better understand God’s own immigration story – Create empathy for the immigrant experience – Affirm our unity in Christ—citizen and immigrant – Provide options for responding to the immigrant experience

Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

As of 2019, Mercy Hill Church is in the 22nd year of a 40-year contract with HUD that provides housing for qualifying senior adults. This housing exists on the church property and will be owned by the church at the conclusion of the 40-year contract.